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Unleash your passion for dance at Dance With Me Productions. Our diverse range of classes caters to all levels and dance styles. Discover the perfect class for you in our dynamic and welcoming studio environment.


Saturdays 9:00a-10:20a

This comprehensive class combines the fundamentals of both ballet and tap, allowing children to experience the joy of movement, explore spatial awareness, and develop a sense of rhythm in a stress-free environment. Perfect for young dancers, this class fosters a love for dance while building foundational skills.


Saturdays 10:30a-11:50a

This class exposes beginning students to the grace, control, and structure of dance, with a focus on terminology, musicality, and rhythm. Perfect for young dancers, this class lays a strong foundation in both ballet and tap techniques.


Saturdays 12:00p-1:20p

Advance your dance skills with our high-level Intermediate Ballet and Tap class. Designed for dedicated dancers, this class focuses on building strength, flexibility, and coordination. Master more complex techniques in both ballet and tap, enhancing your performance and precision in a supportive and challenging environment.


Saturdays 1:30p-3:00p

This high-level intermediate class is designed for students ages 9-11, focusing on the development of difficult and diverse dance combinations. Students will engage in both Ballet and Tap classes, enhancing their technique, coordination, and performance skills in a supportive and challenging environment.


Tue/Thurs 6:00p-8:00p (Combo Class)

Join our beginners dance group as we delve into the graceful world of ballet and the expressive realm of modern dance. This class focuses on strengthening fundamental techniques while gradually advancing to more complex movements and choreographic pieces. 


Tue/Thurs 6:00p-8:00p (Combo Class)

* Teachers approval*

Take your dance skills to the next level with our Beginners Intermediate Ballet, Modern and African Dance class. This class builds on fundamental techniques, introducing more complex movements and choreographic pieces. Perfect for those ready to move beyond the basics, you will refine your skills in both the graceful world of ballet and the expressive realm of modern dance. Join us for an engaging and challenging experience designed to elevate your dance abilities.


Mon - 5:45p-8:00pm (Combo Class)

Wed - 4:30p- 7:00pm (Combo Class)

* Teachers approval*

This is a high level intermediate class that focuses on flexibility with difficult and diverse dance combinations. Students will also be allowed to train with the advance students in certain techniques. This class includes Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, African, and Jazz. 


Mon 5:45p-8:00pm (Combo Class)

Wed 6:00p-8:00p (Combo Class)

* Teachers approval*

Designed for our highest level of dancers, this class focuses on strengthening and mastering techniques across multiple styles, including Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Hula. Elevate your performance and versatility in a dynamic and supportive environment. 


Tuesdays 4:30p-5:45p 

This class invites students ages 4-11 to experience the joy of dance as they learn to use their bodies to explore space, rhythm, music, and mood through fun activities, steps, and routines. Students will learn the fundamentals of African music and dance, enriching their cultural understanding and enhancing their dance skills in an engaging and supportive environment.


Thursdays 4:30p-5:45p

This class blends the foundation of hip hop dance with contemporary commercial hip hop styles to create fun and challenging choreography. Dancers ages 5-11, will explore how the style has evolved, learning dynamic routines that reflect the latest trends and techniques in the hip hop dance world. Perfect for those looking to enhance their skills and stay current with hip hop's ever-changing landscape.

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Mon 4:45p-8:00p (Combo Class)

This is a fast pace class for boys, where students work on athletics in a high energy work-out while accumulating a repertoire of dance moves. Studying techniques in Hip Hop, African and Tap. 

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Mon 4:45p-5:45p

Enhance and elevate your tap dance skills in our combined Intermediate/Advanced Tap class. Focus on intermediate to advanced techniques, intricate footwork, and rhythmic precision. Perfect for dancers ready to tackle more complex combinations and master challenging rhythms. Designed for those seeking to refine their technique and showcase their artistry.


Saturday Classes


Tippy Toes, Sweethearts, Dancing Dolls & Primaballerinas I

Tues/Thurs Classes


Primaballerinas II & Dazzling Divas

Individual Classes


African I/II, Hip Hop I/II

Mon/Wed Classes

$135/month Fly Girlz

$150/month Showstoppers

Tap Classes


Intermediate & Adv. Tap (available only for weekday level classes.)

Tre Squad


Boys Only Level



Early Bird Registration Ends



Open House & Registration



First day of Saturday classes



First day of weekday classes

Empowering Young Dancers in Chicago

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